􀀂􀀟􀀍􀀃 􀀂􀀕􀀌􀀃 Count like a Cistercian

The other day, I was harming my mental and spiritual wellbeing by reading Twitter during American political unrest, when I was interrupted by a link to the system of Cistercian numerals.

It’s a fascinating system that can encode any number from 1-99991, using four quadrants around a central stave.

I found FRBCistercian, a font that implements the system in the Unicode Private Use Area.

At this point, I basically had no choice except to write a widget for converting arabic numerals to Cistercian ones. And so:

Count like a Cistercian

Enjoy :)

  1. According to Wikipedia, Cistercian does not define a zero value. That said, one might naturally use the empty stave for this purpose today, and indeed, FRBCistercian has done so. ↩︎


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