A Jupyter notebook for mortgage calculations


A few years ago, I was buying a house for the first time. I was really overwhelmed by the task of evaluating a good investment. Obviously, the only thing to do in that situation is spend dozens of hours writing code about it.

jupyter-mortgage was a Jupyter notebook that could generate mortgage reports for properties. It could project a profit or loss after an arbitrary number of years and took user input to set expected inflation rate, rental income, losses, etc. It could even map the property and generate links to other useful services.

It was a cool way to build this kind of project, and it helped me evaluate the house I ended up buying. It’s nicer than Excel because you can use a good programming language1, but using Jupyter gives you access to a decent reports UI that is much easier than building one from scratch. (At least, easier for me then, since I didn’t know React, and feared and despised CSS. Now I probably would use React.)

Browse the code on GitHub

  1. “Oh, Excel is a real programming language, actually”, you say. Sure, fine, whatever, no one said it was fake, I’m just saying it’s not good (because it isn’t). ↩︎