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Professional portfolio

My best publically released projects and articles are listed below. You can also browse my projects and blog.

keymap.click React, JavaScript, CSS
A project to show my keyboard, the layout I use, and how it helped my RSI. I learned React from scratch for this project.
Interpersonal Python, Flask, IndieWebb
A connector for my static site to the IndieWeb. Supports IndieAuth login. Work in progress: MicroPub, WebMention.
Biblemunger React, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS
Make jokes with the King James Bible.
Technical Writing
A random failure: Problems upgrading Ansible and Python Writing, Retrospective, Analysis, Python, Ansible
A retrospective I wrote after causing an outage at work.
lability-tutorial Writing, Documentation, PowerShell, DSC
A tutorial for building VM labs with Lability.